…make me smile…?


…make me smile…?


After an anon sent me this ask I felt the urge to draw it because it’s too cute uwu

this and this are the original pages

Vorvayne’s thoughts about writing Yumichika


I was totally thrilled to be asked about Yumichika, for the record. At this point, I have 27k of published and 56k of unpublished (no I really am not kidding) fic featuring him, so I feel like I have a few things to say. This is for our-flame-never-goes-out

1. Yumichika is one of those people who knows who the fuck he is and what the fuck he wants out of life. He knows he loves fighting and he’s a bit of a sadist, which is why he sticks around in the eleventh even though, on the surface, he doesn’t look the part. And not looking the part is totally intentional: you have to bet he took a long look at himself and figured out that, no, this is who he is and how he likes to be, and fuck it if other people don’t like it. Because, seriously, there will have been a whole lot of people who haven’t liked it. 

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otoshiireru sent:
If you're still doing the color meme; Haschwalth #9? ;3;



I dare you to look into those eyes for at least 10 minutes! 

Next time, please also request Justaway, asalia <3